• Provide somewhere suitable to live
  • Provide a proper diet, including fresh water
  • Provide an environment for the ability to express normal behaviour
  • Provide housing with, or apart from, other animals
  • Protect from pain, suffering, injury and disease

Essential to know:

Housing: They can be kept inside or outdoors and need lots of space. Give this by providing by a big shelter and spacious living quarters to allow for plenty of room to exercise. Provide plenty of hiding & play areas for them too.

Bedding: Provide lots of absorbent bedding (dust-free woodshavings, dust-free straw, shredded paper, etc) and sleeping quarters with plenty of hay.

Cleaning: Remove soiled bedding / litter daily and completely clean out once a week & provide fresh bedding.

Food & Water: Always provide good quality hay and fresh water at all times. Add Guniea Pig food such as a mix or pellets to provide additional nutrition. Give fresh greens on a daily basis.

Grooming & Handling: Handle gently & with care; and from a safe height to reduce risk from injury should they jump out of your hands. Handled from a young age and they can become comfortable and confident around people. Get them health checked regularly by a qualified veterinary professional. 


Good to know:

How long will we live?: Rabbits typically live for 5-6+ years.

What are we like?:         They are social, intelligent and inquisitive animals.

Do we need a friend?:   Guinea Pigs are social animals & should not be kept alone. They love to have  other guniea pig friends as company.

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