• Provide somewhere suitable to live
  • Provide a proper diet, including fresh water
  • Provide an environment for the ability to express normal behaviour
  • Provide housing with, or apart from, other animals
  • Protect from pain, suffering, injury and disease

Essential to know:

Housing: Provide a big cage and spacious living quarters to allow for lots of room to exercise. Provide some play areas for them too. Keep the cage away from sources of heat as they can suffer from heat stroke easily.

Bedding: Provide lots of absorbent bedding (woodflakes, shredded paper, etc)

Cleaning: Remove soiled bedding / litter daily and completely clean out once a week & replace with fresh, new bedding.

Food & Water: Provide good quality hay and Chinchilla pellets. Also provide items that are safe to gnaw on (wood blocks, sticks) - vital to keeping teeth healthy & from overgrowing. Hide treats in cage to keep them entertained.

Grooming & Handling: Handle gently & with care; and from a safe height to reduce risk from injury should they jump out of your hands. Handled from a young age and they can become comfortable and confident around people. Get them health checked regularly by vivsiting a qualified veterinary professional.


Good to know:

How long will we live?: Chinchilla's typically live for 15-20 years.

What are we like?:         Chinchilla's are very sociable, friendly and inquisitive animals. They are naturally timid and do not like to be handled roughly.

Do we need a friend?:   Chinchilla's can be kept on their own but are happiest when kept in single-sex pairs, as they do like the company.

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